The widespread love of "Lost" among comics creators has been well documented, from Faith Erin Hicks' sketch work to Travis Pitts' Charlie Brown John Locke, and that love did not diminish leading up to last night's series finale on ABC. Even if the show's conclusion left the world with no more new episodes to look look forward to, it did leave us with at least one gallery's worth of tribute artwork. It turns out that J. Scott Campbell, who enjoys drawing naughty Disney princesses, also has at least a passing fascination with Sawyer. Even funnyman cartoonist Graham Annable has put in some hours drawing "Lost" scenes, and you may already be familiar with the brilliant minimalist commentary of Kate Beaton's "Lost" comics.

Whichever character you were rooting for Sunday night, whether it was Hugo, Locke, Jin, Sawyer, or perhaps even Ben (you terrible, terrible human being), chances are they've been drawn by someone in the comics world or at least turned into a custom action figure.

Click past the jump and you'll find some of the most memorable "Lost" homages to hit the comics and indie art scenes over the past six seasons.

J. Scott Campbell

Anthony Clark

Graham Annable

Kate Beaton

Wade Schin

Andy Suriano

Faith Erin Hicks

Travis Pitts

J.J. Harrison

Bif Bang Pow

Nacho Diaz Arjona

Sr. Hattori

Eiffel Art

David MacDowell

Springfield Punx

Olly Moss

Chip Zdarsky

Ty Mattson

Jerrod Maruyama

Alex Pardee

Ben Strawn

Tara McPherson

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