[Note: Moderate Lost spoilers ahead.]

Leave it to Charlie Brown to address one of the single greatest mysteries of "Lost." Over the years, fans have come to know John Locke, the bald headed boar hunter and former paraplegic played expertly by Terry O'Quinn. Badass though he may seem, Locke slowly reveals himself to be a self-doubting and self-loathing man in desperate need of a purpose to believe in. And now, finally, I understand why.

It's because John Locke is Charlie Brown.

I'm not just talking about this brilliant mash-up by Travis Pitts, the artist behind the brilliant "Scooby Doo" zombie edition illustration, though that's certainly the inspiration for this line of thinking. But consider it for yourself - nothing ever goes right for John Locke. He goes from home to home to home as a child, Richard Alpert tries to recruit him to come to the island when he's a little boy but he fails the test, he eventually meets his father only to get his kidney stolen, he falls in love with a woman that leaves him after he falls for his dad's tricks again, then his dad pushes him out of a window and paralyzes him for four years. That's not even mentioning all of the craziness that goes down on the actual island.

If anyone's earned the right to say "Good grief," it's Locke. Even when things are coming up roses, it's momentary. Like Charlie Brown, poor old Locke just can't catch a break.

You can check out Pitts' other "Lost" inspired art below.

[Link via Super Punch.]

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