One of the things I've always loved about SPX is the Ignatz Outstanding Debut Award. It guarantees that you'll always be able to find something new at the show. This year there were 28 (!) nominees for Outstanding Debut. I wasn't able to read all of them, but here's a look at a few books that piqued my interest.
Daybreak vol 2
I talked with DAYBREAK creator Brian Ralph for a few minutes at SPX this year but foolishly forgot to buy a copy of DAYBREAK VOL 2! Let's just move forward on the assumption that it's as good as the first volume, which I un-foolishly bought and loved. If you've liked any other Ralph stuff or are a fan of skillfully told post-apocalyptic stories, do yourself a favor and pick this series up.

Big Questions #10

The story of warring factions of birds in the wreckage of an airplane, BIG QUESTIONS #10 by Anders Nilsen is a beautiful book. Nilsen's always fragile art has never looked better. The story is well paced and the dialog is sparse but effective. BIG QUESTIONS #10 is easily one of the best books I picked up at the show this year. It's too bad Nilsen didn't take home the Debut Ignatz, but he did pick up the Outstanding Graphic Novel Award for the devastating DON'T GO WHERE I CAN'T FOLLOW.

Papercutter #6PAPERCUTTER #6
This year's Debut winner, PAPERCUTTER #6, is a great issue of a great anthology series. I say that like I know what I'm talking about, but in all actuality, I just picked up all six issues on Saturday. It's basically a collection of the most talented small press creators around. Aaron Renier, Liz Prince, John Porcellino and Kazimir Strzepek are just a few of the great artists from the first five issues. Issue six keeps up the pace with new material from guest editor and Phase 7 creator Alec Longstreth, a darkly hilarious story about a disenchanted trucker by Ken Dahl and the best story about pubic hair I've ever read.

That's really just the tip of the SPX iceberg. Make sure to check out Comics Alliance-guru John Anderson's look at some of the other fantastic stuff at the show.

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