Even though video games have been around for almost half a century now, there's still a kind of generational split that keeps many of society's mature minds from realizing the magic behind electronic adventuring.

Not Stan Lee.

At 86, the Spider-Man co-creator and all-around face of Marvel Comics may be a bigger fan of the medium than most casual gamers.

In an interview with the Guardian, Stan The Man discussed the storytelling power of games, specifically Activision's new "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2" even going so far as to say they were one of the best mediums out there.

"If I were young now and I wanted to do stories, I would very much want to get into the videogame business because it's the most exciting. Videogames and movies are the most exciting forms of entertainment. But a videogame in a way is more imaginative, it has more variety. In a movie you stick to the plotline, in a videogame you go in a million different directions. I have no idea how they're able to do that. It's like a miracle."

Lee covers a variety of other topics in the interview, including advice on writing, and which other comics characters he wishes he'd created, but the statement about videogames is pretty compelling.

Do you think videogames have reached the technological point where they're starting to eclipse comics as your storytelling medium of choice? What about writers like Matt Fraction and Brian Reed who work in both mediums? Could we have a nerd civil war on our hands or will the strengths of each canvas merit individuality until infinity plus one? Discuss.