We had our share of fun at the expense of Boom! Studios when they began teasing their new partnership with Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment, but it's the good-humored publisher that's gotten the last laugh. After all, they have three new Stan Lee titles rolling out starting this October and we don't.

First up is "Solider Zero" featuring writer Paul Cornell and artist Javier Pina in October, followed by "The Traveler by writer Mark Waid and artist Chad Jardin in November, then "Starborn" by writer Chris Roberson and artist Khary Randolph in December.

From Boom's official press release:

SOLDIER ZERO tells the story of a wheelchair-bound astronomy teacher who finds himself in a freak accident that bonds him with an alien weapon of war.

THE TRAVELER features a mysterious new superhero with time-traveling powers battling the Split-Second Men, super-powered assassins from the future.

STARBORN tells the story of a regular guy who discovers he's the heir to an intergalactic empire, putting him the center of a war between five alien races.

Get a closer look at Soldier Zero after the jump.

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