As Marvel prepares to officially retcon Spider-Man and Mary Jane's wedding into oblivion with Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera's upcoming "One Moment In Time" storyline, it's important to remember a time when the nuptials of the costumed wallcrawler and his model paramour was all the talk of the morning show circuit.

As media coverage from the time attests, Marvel pulled out all the stops for Spidey and MJ's 1987 wedding, with the happy day taking place across "Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21," the "Spider-Man" newspaper strip, and at a live event at New York City's Shea Stadium. (Yes, they got married three times. This is gonna be some retcon, Quesada.)

Stan Lee was on hand to officiate, pronouncing Spidey and MJ (portrayed by costumed actors) husband and wife in front of over 50,000 fans and several Marvel heroes and villains. Spidey wore a tux over his costume, while the late fashion designer Willi Smith created MJ's gown in what would turn out to be his final project. Confusingly, it's Spider-Man who gets hitched at the live event -- and not Peter Parker -- meaning that technically Peter is still a bachelor in our world.

Take a look at a wonderfully awkward clip of Stan Lee (and the actors who played Spider-Man and MJ) being interviewed on "Good Morning America" before the ceremony, followed by "Entertainment Tonight" coverage of the wedding.

For more retro fun, check out this awesome blog post by an actor who portrayed Spidey for a promotional poster featuring Marvel heroes posing with Mets players. (Apparently former pitcher Roger McDowell got a little handsy with the actress hired to play Firestar.)