It's still a few weeks until the July 21 release of "Amazing Spider-Man" #638, but Marvel's not slowing down when it comes to teasing what could be the biggest reveals in the Web-Slinger's recent history. "One More Day," "Brand New Day" and each storyline since have certainly inspired more questions than they've answered concerning Peter and Mary Jane's Aunt May-saving deal with Mephisto, but beginning with #638, Marvel promises to put the mysteries to bed over the course of four double-sized issues by Joe Quesada, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin.

Unlike Marvel's last preview, which honed in on what seemed to be the dissolution of Peter and MJ's relationship, the new preview comes packed with in-costume action and at least a few panels where Pete ponders his future clad in some sensible underwear (contrary to other comics that depict a boxer habit, we all know the bunching factor favors briefs).

Give the preview pages and images a look after the jump.

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