Stan Lee has been the face of the Marvel Universe for... well, forever, really, and in recent years, that's taken the form of small but memorable cameos in most of the Marvel movies and their many video game tie-ins (even becoming playable in The Amazing Spider-Man). This week, however, the World of Heroes YouTube channel has shown us what would happen if those Smilin' Stan cameos were extended to classic games.

If you've ever wanted to see what would happen if Stan Lee was the star of Donkey Kong -- and if you have, please let me know, as I am really curious about how someone would arrive at that desire -- check out the video below!


The interesting thing about this video, to me anyway, is that while Stan occasionally appears as a benevolent force, they've cast him most often in the role of antagonist -- and in the case of that laughing dog from Duck Hunt, the greatest villain in video game history. In the case of the Mario games, from Donkey Kong all the way to Super Mario World, he swoops in and bounces off Mario at the last minute to claim all the rewards.

What I'm getting at here is that I think Mario represents Steve Ditko.

Either way, it seems strange to me that they didn't bother to drop The Man into, say, Kirby's Dream Land. That's a conflict I think we'd all like to see.