This year we're celebrating fifty years of Star Trek, and as part of the celebrations there's not only a brand new film in cinemas now, but Bryan Fuller is also working on a new television series titled Star Trek: Discovery, due out next year.

Star Trek's vision of the future can represent the very best of who we can be as a species, but often it shows how easily it is to become corrupt. We've selected five of the best independent sci-fi comics to check out after seeing Star Trek: Beyond in the cinema. Love that? Try this!

  • Roche Limit

    Michael Moreci & Vic Malhotra

    Roche Limit is set on a space colony located on a mysterious energy anomaly that over the years has devolved from a shining beacon of what man can achieve, into a sordid locale filled with crime and corruption. When one woman goes missing, the search to find her leads to a vast conspiracy that could mean grave things for the future of all mankind.

  • Nameless

    Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn & Simon Bowland

    Nameless is a sci-fi comic with a decidedly horror twist as a group of astronauts, explorers and one dream thief head into space to try and find a solution to a renegade asteroid headed to Earth. As if that wasn’t enough of a problem, there’s an ancient and malevolent force on board the ship that has already claimed the lives of some of the crew and could destroy everyone, but what link if any does it have to the asteroid?

  • Southern Cross

    Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger & Lee Loughridge

    Alex Braith just wants to collect her sister’s find out what happened to her, and return home. To do so, she must journey all the way to the moon of Titan in search of answers, but her journey aboard the tanker flight Southern Cross only offers up more questions, intrigue and mystery as she discovers she many not have known her sister as much as she thought.

  • Space Riders

    Fabian Rangel Jr & Alexis Ziritt

    Space Riders is a bonkers four-color fever dream in the way that only comics can accurately depict. Aboard the Skullship Santa Muerte, Capitan Peligro leads his crew in search of justice from the very worst criminals the galaxy has to offer while they search for the hidden secrets of the universe. An underrated sci-fi gem that may have gone overlooked in recent years, the breakneck speed and sheer inventiveness of Space Riders make it a comic worth paying attention to.

  • Letter 44

    Charles Soule & Alberto Alburquerque

    The most grounded sci-fi comic on this list, Letter 44 explores the concept of first contact as the newly elected President Stephen Blades discovers that not only did NASA discover the existence of aliens seven years ago; their manned mission to make contact is close to reaching its destination. Blending sci-fi drama with political intrigue, Letter 44 is in a genre of its own.


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