George Lucas. That guy, right? He just can't stop fiddling with his Star Wars movies. Sure, making audio pop and tweaking space battle special effects adds a little extra pizazz to the franchise, but Darth Vader screaming "NOOOOOOOooooo!" in the new Return of the Jedi Blu-ray? It's like the guy draws strength every time a fan lets out a heavy sigh. As pointed out by Gamma Squad, the Blu-rays do include one awesome addition, however -- more Porkins! Sure, these augmented scenes may be completely fake, but HeyKillerFilms' sensational Porkins parody bits are arguably better than anything Lucas added this go-around.In addition to fleshing out just why Porkins met his sparkly demise in A New Hope, the video also helps explain why Greedo shot first. These mods won't bring back the original Ewok Celebration song, but they'll ease the pain of your childhood being eroded with every new SW release.

Check out Porkins in action below:

[Via Gamma Squad]