As cynical and bitter and disdainful that most right thinking people have become with respect to the subject of Star Wars movies over the last decade or so, it is difficult not to view the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser with, at the very least, an eyebrow raised in curiosity. The tense 80-second teaser for JJ Abrams' sequel to Return of the Jedi stirred some of the psychic wall left erected in many viewers' thoughts after the abominable prequel trilogy seemed to have destroyed all remaining affection for the once beloved trilogy, and through the cracks has come the first sprays of that by which we can best judge cultural affection for a thing: fan art.

Truly, The Force Awakens teaser has struck a chord with numerous illustrators, whose work has the strange effect of making a film's imagery seem more iconic than it might otherwise have been. Many pieces -- including a beautiful example by comic book artist Phil Noto -- latch on to the immediately distinctive tri-beam lightsabre seen in the teaser, while others, such as the pieces by Francesco Francavilla, gravitate to Star Wars' reliably striking vehicle designs. My favorite, of course, is Teen Titans Go! art director Dan Hipp's ode to the saga's new Stormtrooper, which serves as a response to some absurd criticism of John Boyega's casting.

Given the franchise's penchant for art direction, we can be sure to expect more cool fan art as the Force continues to roll out of bed.

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