As many characters have been churned out boy Toy Biz and Hasbro's Marvel Legends line and the new 3.75" Marvel Universe series, a few awesome characters have continued to languish in Marvel toy obscurity. Fortunately for fans of Stilt-Man, Lockjaw and more, Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys' long-running Minimates line is there to pick up the slack.

New images of Toys "R" Us' 7th wave of Marvel Minimates have arrived, featuring what may be the very first Stilt-Man and Lockjaw action figures ever. At the mini-mates blocky 2" scale, the toys may be more at home with Lego dudes than Hasbro's larger lines, but that hardly diminishes the triumph in toy collecting.

Here's the full roster of Wave 7 2-packs:

-Hulk Buster Iron Man & Gamma Hulk

-Silver Centurion Iron Man & Crimson Dynamo

-Neo Classic Iron Man & Stilt Man

-Lockjaw & Betsy Braddock

There's no official release date slated yet, but the experts at Minimatesheadquarters predict fans could get their hands on them online or in stores within a few weeks.[Via Minimatesheadquarters]