Welcome to CATV, where Let's Be Friends Again creators Curt Franklin and Chris Haley examine the world of comics through the eyes of prime-time television, and imagines what further horrors or delights might come from this unholy marriage. Today's installment:Strange, M.D.

Stephen Strange was the world's most famous physician. For the right price, he could save your life, regardless of the ailment or illness. He healed sheiks and presidents, clerics, celebrities, and popes.

But things change.

Late night. Drunk driving. Wet pavement. A public trial. Manslaughter charges.

Strange lost it all. The most precise instruments in his surgeon's toolbox -- his dexterous hands -- were rendered worthless in the accident. His license was gone. His sponsors vanished. He was ruined.

After the debt collectors came calling, the only things he had left were several strange heirlooms given to him his estranged father: Ancient texts detailing medical procedures Strange couldn't fathom, anatomy charts of things not quite human, and a necklace with an eye that seemed to move...

Now, working as a consultant at Last Hope Hospital, Strange finds himself taking on any case that has no medical explanation. His hands that have learned to move in new ways, learned to mimic the symbols he's seen in eldritch medical tomes. With a staff as broken and lost as he is and under the watch of a mysterious hospital administrator known merely as Wong, Strange finds himself combating maladies of Hell, diseases of Nightmare, and a virus known only as Dormammu's that threatens to bring a new Black Plague to the world.

He's a new kind of doctor. He's Strange.

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