With the 20th anniversary of his much-loved indie series Strangers in Paradise coming up next year, Terry Moore announced at San Diego Comic-Con that he'll be returning to Francine and Katchoo for the first time in five years with an all-new prose novel starring the characters."I'm approaching 60 and I don't want to be 65 with a monthly deadline for art pages. I'm thinking about my future," Moore said, explaining the reason why he's making the move to prose. "I can be 75 and still write. [The series' fans] have matured, so I would like to write a deeper, more introspective story."

The unnamed novel - continuing the story of Katchoo, Francine and David for the first time since the series ended in 2007 - will be released next year to coincide with the series' silver anniversary, he explained, with his own company Abstract Studio acting as publisher.

[Via CBR]

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