If Play Imaginative's main line of Super Alloy action figures weren't limited enough, the Yes Anime booth #4729 at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 will be rolling out two new takes on its Batman and Superman figures. Both sculpted in the style of DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee's New 52 costume designs, the figures stand 12" tall and are composed principally of die-cast (metal) material.The new $300, 85 percent die-cast Batman figure packs 50 points of articulation, a detachable and posable fabric cape, multiple swappable hands, a grappling gun and batarang, plus a magnetic gargoyle base to perch on care of magnets embedded in its feet.

The $360 Superman figure is ironically slightly less man-of-steel-y than Bats with an 80% die-cast composition, 25 points of articulation, a posable fabric cape, interchangeable heads (one with remote control-powered LED heat vision action), swappable hands, a light-up Crystal Fortress base, and three multi-colored Kryptonian crystals.

You can get a close look at all of the exclusive Super Alloy figures below.

[Click Images To Enlarge]Super Alloy Justice League: Superman 1/6 Scales Action Figure

Super Alloy 1/6 Scale "Batman by Jim Lee"

[Via SDCC]

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