I didn't really care for Man of Steel, but I'll admit that I made one huge mistake when I saw it. I was so blinded by my feelings about the movie itself, that I forgot to focus on the true magic that always happens when a new blockbuster superhero movie comes out: the magic of  hilariously copyright-infringing iPhone apps. They always put a smile on my face and a spring in my step, but I hadn't even gone to look until CA editor Caleb Goellner sent over a link to A Super Boy Of Steel Run Free.

And folks, it is a doozy.

Super Boy -- or to use the title on the actual screen, Boy of Steel Super, which I'm sure is definitely not a trademark of National Periodical Publications, Inc. -- is one of those games where your character runs through a constantly scrolling series of obstacles and has to jump or blast them out of his way to continue. The major difference, it seems, is that here, S.B. Jr. is running from what I can only assume to be "General Zood"...


...who is armed with a clipart handgun.This earns you money, somehow.

Your heat vision, used for blasting cartoon atomic bombs out of your way, is also represented by clipart of a pistol:


That's an awful lot of guns for a Superman excuse me, Boy of Steel Super game, which makes me wonder if the people who made the app have any understanding at all of how that character is supposed to work. But then again, I wonder that about the guys who made the movie, too.

Either way, it's nice to see the kid from Superman Returns finally getting some more work.

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