Costume design is one of the great strengths of the superhero genre, a way to establish distinctive visual shorthand for a character and reveal key details about concept, purpose, and personality. But which is the best superhero costume of all time? This month, we’re asking you to decide, by voting up your favorites and voting down the rest. When we have your votes, we’ll compile a list of the greatest super-costumes of all time.

For the penultimate day of polls, we're offering up a selection of some of the standout female superhero costumes from the past sixty years, designed by George Perez, Jim Lee, Al Plastino and more. From Rogue's jacket to Supergirl's mini skirt, these are some famous looks --- but are they classics, or embarrassments?

Standard disclaimer: Each poll is a simple binary choice. If the costume is a 10/10 perfect piece of design, vote ‘perfect’. If it’s anything less, vote ‘flawed’. Many of these costumes have been tweaked and re-worked by different artists over the years. When in doubt, assume you’re voting for your favorite version.


Design by Jim Lee


Design by George Perez


Design by Al Plastino


Design by Team CGW


Design by Dave Cockrum