Everyone is going crazy for the rebooted and revitalized Voltron: Legendary Defender series that debuted on Netflix earlier this year. The new interpretation of the classic cartoon has opened up a whole new audience that loves seeing lion robots turn into one even bigger robot, and the complex interpersonal relationships of the pilots has resulted in a dedicated fanbase.

Now imagine you love Voltron, and you love to cycle, but you've been struggling for a way to combine your two passions into one, just like those five lion robots combine to make one even bigger robot. Well the folks at Super Fan Builds have outdone themselves and created some totally rad Voltron themed bikes as part of their latest episode.

If you're unfamiliar with Super Fan Bulds, it's an online show where some of Hollywood's top propmakers and craftsmen create one-of-a-kind collectibles for the superfans of a particular piece of media. Recent episodes have seen the creation of the Double Decker couch from The Lego Movie and a Game of Thrones Iron Throne toilet, among others.



The new episode sees Fon Davis --- who has previously worked on Matrix and Star Wars features --- tasked with building a pair of Voltron: Legendary Defender theme bicycles for a father and son pair of Voltron super-fans. The bicycles --- themed around Shiro's Black Lion and Pidge's Green Lion --- are truly one of a kind and the look on the family's faces at the end is priceless.

You can check out the episode now on Go90, and a second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender is already scheduled to hit Netflix later this year.