Just when you thought they'd run out of classic superhero costumes to mess with, along comes Jimmy Fallon to show you just how much there is left to ruin. The "Late Night" host welcomed to his show last week the new and allegedly improved Super Grover -- 2.0. The Muppet hero of "Sesame Street" showed off his "new firmware," which includes protective padding, cape clasps and a new foam helmet. While Super Grover's previous costume -- a cape, metal helmet and a length of worn out rope -- reflected the nature of a homemade hero hitting the streets to bravely protect his community, the new design, much like Wonder Woman's controversial wardrobe change, speaks to such highfalutin concepts as "practicality" and "safety" and "not being naked".

Check out Super Grover 2.0's appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" after the jump.

Super Grover's deeply divisive costume change was initiated as part of "Sesame Street's" new campaign focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics -- or S.T.E.M. Throughout the show's 41st season (!!!), Super Grover 2.0 will star in six-minute episodes which, according to the official press release, will see our hero "literally stumble across solutions to problems all across the planet."

As an extension of the season's curriculum focus on scientific investigation, this new series "Super Grover 2.0" emphasizes a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum by modeling the processes of scientific inquiry. Through engaging and age-appropriate stories, preschoolers become active participants in solving problems through observation and investigation and are introduced to vocabulary, process skills, and concepts that are the foundations of STEM education.

We suppose that with such an ambitious new curriculum, it is appropriate to employ something like a flashy Bryan Singer X-Men-esque costume to attract attention. Good luck to "Sesame Street" in saving the world's children from the Xbox and crack.

Never forget....

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