After being defeated nearly half a dozen times, it looks like the boy everyone loves to hate will return in some capacity for Geoff Johns' "Blackest Night" storyline.

DC Comics' The Source blog posted this image from "Adventure Comics" #4 yesterday, showcasing the whiniest Quasi-Kryptonian's hunt for Black Lantern rings. They may be slipping through his fingers, but the image does bring to mind the question of why the kid would want them.

Aren't his family and friends alive again? Aren't the only possible corpses he'd want to reanimate already making the rounds in the DCU as Black Lanterns? What's he need them for if he's not dead himself?

Whatever the case, it's kind of a bummer to see him so soon after the conclusion of "The Legion Of Three Worlds." I'm no hater, but his alienation and hilarious status as a DC message board troll will be hard to top when he's eventually swatted away again.

Maybe the revitalized Connor will have the honors this time?