Come on, sooner or later, someone had to use those pipes. With the addition of Supergirl to the Arrow-verse, musical fans practically had bingo of amazing singers sharing the screen, and The CW will finally reward us for it. Not only will Supergirl and The Flash have a two-episode musical crossover of their very own, we’ll also meet Miss Martian this season.

The CW confirmed the news from its four-way panel at the (almost-over) ongoing TCA press tour, as well that the two-episode event would feature mostly existing songs, with the potential for some original. The two episodes will take place in the back half of the season, and potentially use a character’s mind as a reason for all the singing.

Also of note during the panel, we learned Sharon Leal will play the role of Miss Martian on Supergirl this season, while Chris Wood’s pod character is indeed that of Mon-El. Kevin Smith will also direct an episode of Supergirl.

Fans of all four series have drawn plenty of attention to the rich voices in their casts, including Flash stars Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin and Carlos Valdes, Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist and Broadway star Jeremy Jordan, or Arrow’s own John Barrowman and Colin Donnell, among many others. We’ve seen Flash occasionally nod to said talent, between Barry and Caitlin’s karaoke duet, or Earth-2 Joe’s lounge singing, while Stephen Amell has notably opposed the idea.

In any case, get an earful of some of the cast’s musical talent below, and stay tuned for more from Flash, Supergirl and the others.


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