Perhaps even more than seeing Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow together in action, fans of the upcoming four-way CW “Invasion!” crossover want simply to see the adorkable Kara meeting her new DC friends. Your wish is our command, as the first clip from the November event sees Supergirl quickly proving to the team just how Super she really is.

Entertainment Weekly delivered the first clip from the upcoming crossover, expanding on a bit of what we saw in initial footage of Kara meeting the team. The timing is a bit unclear, as Barry and Cisco will retrieve Kara at the end of Monday’s Supergirl, though Tuesday’s Flash will likely backtrack to explain why her help was required in the first place, to say nothing of why Arrow and Legends have already gathered.



In either case, the clip showcases a notably muted reaction for Diggle first seeing Kara fly, compared with what David Ramsey previously joked his character might feel.

The four-way event will kick off with Supergirl on November 28, so check out the full synopses for all four episodes, and stay tuned for more from “Invasion!”


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