Supergirl’s ability to call on the full Superman cast has been difficult to chart; whether introducing its own Man of Steel after a season spent teasing him, or recent references to Lex Luthor. We’ve now officially met the latter in flashback, but might Supergirl follow suit with a full-fledged appearance, or are some characters still off-limits?

You’re warned of minor Supergirl spoilers from here on out, but where Season 2 has introduced us to Lex’s mother Lillian (Brenda Strong) and adopted half-sister Lena (Katie McGrath), the recent “Luthors” spotlight went so far as to introduce a young Lex in flashback, played by Aidan Fink. The episode in question already danced around Lex with the tease of his famous comic Warsuit, but might Supergirl actually introduce a present incarnation of Superman’s greatest foe?

As executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Entertainment Weekly, that possibility is still pretty remote, given the character’s Eisenberg-ed role in future DCEU movies:

That decision is above my pay grade. But I thought that kid was great, and what was so sad is we were watching the casting things, and we were like, ‘Yeah that kid looks like he could grow up to be the most evil person in the world.’

All the same, Kreisberg at least acknowledged that Lex’s store would again come in handy with the mysterious box Lillian retrieved during the hour. And while we’re on the Luthor subject, the DC drama EP also deferred any return of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman as above his pay grade.

We’ve still plenty of Super-introductions and musical moments in the remaining episodes of Season 2, but would Supergirl be best-served to introduce its own Lex Luthor, just as it had Clark Kent? Watch the latest trailers below, and stay tuned.


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