Enjoy a brief interlude from the fierce torrent of critically important and hugely relevant news that comes every October 31 with this special edition of Let's Be Friends Again in which Curt Franklin and Chris Haley imagine the Halloween costumes of our favorite superheroes.

Lil' Bruce Wayne as Superman and Lil' Clark Kent as Batman

Guess who I am, Bruce!

I'm the hero Halloween deserves. I'm a silent guardian. A watchful protector.

Give me all your candy.
I have Kryptonite candy corn, you know.
Aquaman as Ariel, the Little Mermaid

Y...Yeah. This is for Halloween. Only.

Bruce Banner as the Hulk

In an ironic twist of fate, Bruce Banner was able to summon up the anger to turn into the Hulk only after he had lost the costume contest.

The Hulk as Yoda

Fear lead to anger. Anger lead to... crate? Crate lead to...

Hulk never see movie.

Jimmy Olsen as Michelangelo, the Ninja Turtle

Jimmy Olsen had worn the Ninja Turtle costume hoping everyone would see it as a parody of his Turtle Boy past, but the party guests spent the whole night telling him how much cooler Raphael was than Michelangelo.

Jimmy Olsen hated Raphael.

The Doctor as Harry Potter

I'm a wizard now. Wizards are cool.

The Punisher as Nyan Cat

The Gnucci crime family's annual Halloween party was interrupted as a cat/pop tart hybrid trailing rainbows burst through a window while firing a specially modified M249 at 750 rounds per minute to the beat of a mysteriously upbeat song.

♫ Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan ♫

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