If you're like us, you've seen a lot of "What If" stories in comics over the years. "What if Wolverine was a vampire," "what if the Punisher killed Spider-Man," "what if Conan got stuck in the early '80s and started dressing like a pimp," we thought we'd seen 'em all.

"What if super-heroes were actually customized Volkswagen vans," however, is a new one.

As we learned today, this is the question that British tattoo artist, comic book fan and apparent Volkswagen enthusiast Mark Hunter has sought to answer with a series of "Photoshop drawings" mashing up his favorite DC and Marvel super-heroes with the beloved 1950 VW van (also available as iPhone cases!). I have to confess that I can't quite understand the logic behind them, but I won't deny that there's something uniquely fascinating about them, which is why we've got a full gallery today!

The Vantastic Four

The Amazing Spider-Van
Camper America
The Incredible Volk
The Silver Surfbus
Mystique (but she's a van)

Like I said, there's something almost hypnotic about these things, especially the Batvan (which I can totally buy as being absolutely terrifying to criminals) and the Dubdevil (which, appropriately enough, looks less like it's swinging through the city and more like it's being driven off a rooftop by a blind man), but my absolute favorite of the lot has got to be this one:


WINGS ON THE HUBCAPS, folks. There's no getting around the fact that that is awesome.

[Via Wired]

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