Creators have been thinking up all-new superheroes for decades, and the fact that many of our iconic heroes came out of the '30s, or '60s, and yes, even the '70s, is a big part of why they need to get updated once in a while.

Still, there are some characters that never quite manage to transcend their origins, and as much as I love Dazzler -- I love her -- she is a distinct product of 1970s culture. Yes, I know her first appearance was technically in February of 1980, but c'mon, just look at this:

For this reason, we find it very appropriate that Dazzler is one of the first people named on Maxim's list of Superheroes Who Belong on '70s Vans, ideally one that would open to reveal a functional disco ball and the musical stylings of KC and the Sunshine Band.

For those whose tastes tend more towards rock, have no fear: You will be saluted too.

(Thanks, Chris)

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