Before we begin, let's just get the obvious out of the way - yes, we're looking at yet another DC Universe Original Animated Movie starring Superman and Batman and seemingly based on Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner's "Supergirl" storyline from the second volume of "Superman/Batman."

Cover artwork has debuted for "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse," the latest entry in the DC Universe Animated series, joining the ranks of projects such as "Batman: Gotham Knight," "Superman: Doomsday" and "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies." Featuring a bonus "Green Arrow" short, "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" is expected to hit Blu-ray and DVD on September 28, 2010. Pre-order details are currently unavailable.Frankly, I'm not totally psyched for this film, although it will be interesting to see how animators adapt to Turners style - should they choose to accept that particular mission. I'd much rather see DC Entertainment pumping out original content for more outside-the-box characters, even if it's not someone as high profile as Wonder Woman or Green Lantern. A Flash adaptation, perhaps? Booster Gold? I get why DC's spending so much time on Batman and Superman - they bring in the dollar dollar bills, y'all (and the sales of Wonder Woman and GL's outings reportedly didn't encourage less mainstream releases much)- but a little more diversity with the characters would be nice, wouldn't it? At least the DC Universe animated feature shorts have highlighted The Spectre, Jonah Hex and, now GA.

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