A unique piece of comic book history could be yours - if you happen to have a spare $37,000 lying around. The check that bought Superman is up for auction online, and with a couple of weeks left in the bidding, it's already worth more than 200 times its original value.The $130 check, to Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster by "Detective Comics, Inc." (Signed by then-publisher, Jack Liebowitz, and with both Siegel and Shuster's names misspelled on it), first surfaced online in October of last year when Infinite Horizon writer Gerry Duggan tweeted a picture following the item coming into the possession of ComicConnect.com, an online auction house specializing in rare comic-related collectibles.

Bidding, which - as of this writing - has already reached $36,055, remains open until April 16, with ComicConnect describing the check as "a truly unique pop-culture artifact" that "must be considered in the same breath as the most valuable contracts, checks and signatures known to exist in the collecting world." Whether such descriptions will help drive the winning bid to such heights as the auction house's record-setting Action Comics #1 amount of $2.16 million last year remains to be seen.

If you can't resist the lure of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then at least there's a six month, interest-free, payment plan option in case you somehow manage to win the auction and need your own financial fortress of solitude to hide from the inevitable crushing debt that would follow.

[Via IcV2]

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