I've seen a lot of fan films in my time on the Internet, but today, I've finally found one that might just dethrone The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman as the best fan film of all time: Rob Pratt's Superman Classic.

That may seem like a pretty bold statement for something that clocks in at a slim one minute, but with its traditional hand-drawn animation and absolutely beautiful '40s style backgrounds, Pratt has created something truly awesome. Check out the full video -- including some making-of comments from Pratt himself -- after the jump!

Pratt, an animator and storyboard artist for Disney projects like Pocahontas and Kim Possible, says he was inspired by the music of the live-action Superman serial of the '40s, but with the Veronica Lake-esque design for Lois and the giant robots, it feels more to me like a modern update of Max Fleischer's great 1940s Superman cartoons:

That's not a complaint, either. Flesicher's designs were the direct inspiration for the distinctive (and distinctly awesome) looks of both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series. In fact, my only complaint about Pratt's short is that it's... well, short. I'd love to see more of it, but he does an incredible job fitting in as much as he can in a mere 60 seconds, and Superman handing the kid his toy back with a smile before flying off to battle an evil army of robots shows more character than most projects ever get to.

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