The racy art of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster remained unrecognized for decades, until a recent book called "Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-creator" brought it to light. Now Variety reports that the incredible story has been optioned, and may be headed to film.

It's easy to understand why; it's not every day that you find out that the man who created Superman was secretly drawing underground S&M comics about people who looked like Superman and Lois Lane, which were financed by the mob. Despite creating Superman, Shuster received almost no money for his creation, and turned to less reputable freelance in leaner times.

The comics, which were sold under the counter at Times Square bookstores in the early 50s, ended up in the limelight when a group of neo-Nazi Jewish teens (yup!) called the "Brooklyn Thrill Killlers" blamed them as the inspiration for their torture and murder spree. The story of the teen murderers will anchor the film, which is described as a "period piece."

You can check out a (NSFW) preview of "Secret Identity" here, and then start waiting along with the rest of us for the adaptation.
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