Always landing a few days within my birthday and a summer superhero movie release, Free Comic Book Day is easily one of my favorite times of the year. So I was pleased to see DC would be launching a sizeable event through their FBCD offering on May 1. That event? "War of the Supermen" #0.

The title was revealed today at DC's The Source blog, along with a tease that its events will rock the Man of Steel's world.

The J.G. Jones cover looks pretty awesome (my apologies for defacing it with juvenile humor Mr. Jones) and it's contents by writer James Robinson and art by Eddy Barrows.

While the event will primarily take place in the Superman family of books, group editor Matt Idelson told Time's Techland blog that it could spill out into the rest of the DCU like "Blackest Night" (which kicked off during last year's FCBD).

I'm already full of questions looking at the cover, but I probably won't find out whether that ball of energy in the background is an explosion or some kind of Boom Tube portal until this Spring.