Ever wonder what Superman would have to say about health care? Now we know thanks to olde-timey comics that address formerly -- and sometimes currently! -- socially relevant topics. If only Superman could fly down from the sky and fact-check every politician who tries to warp the debate over health care by claiming that Obama wants to kill old people.

What's even better is that this was apparently published as a public service message in the comic book "The Adventures of Bob Hope," a 1950s comic starring the popular comedian.

When sales of the title began to drop in the 1960s, they introduced the Poochie-tastic character named Super-Hip -- a straight-laced character who turns green and Hulks out when he's angry by turning into a super-cool guy with a guitar that forces you to dance uncontrollably. And while he sounds very much like a character from "Dazzler," he actually made an appearance in the DC universe proper in "Doom Patrol" #107.