It's no secret that Superman can get a little bit disconnected from the world on occasion. Heck, that's why the Man of Steel has decided to leave the skies to the birds and the planes for now while he walks across America, figuring out ways to reconnect himself with the everyday citizens who matter most in "Grounded," the new DC Comics arc from writer J. Michael Straczynski.

But maybe good ol' Kal-El needs more than a walk across the country to reconnect himself with the ongoing struggle of mankind - maybe he needs some lessons in keeping up with current events. That's certainly the case when looking at Superman as represented in "Superdouche!," a new YouTube video from Untucked Films depicting the Last Son of Krypton as a self-centered bro without a clue of the world around him. But hey, even if he hasn't heard about the crisis in Darfur, at least he knows about that horrible cancer outbreak in Europe, right? Right?

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