We may not know all (or any) of the details behind the fourth and final face featured on the final box art of Activision's upcoming "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," but at least we know the it isn't a hoax, a dream or an imaginary tale. As confirmed by Joystiq, Spider-Man's fourth dimension is some kind of veiny/foggy purple/black costume.

At first glance, that is kind of a bummer. Spider-Man's black costume is sometimes a matter of fabric, but typically composed of the same symbiote that fuels Venom and that's a mechanic fans have played again and again. Also? Offering the black costume wouldn't offer a completely different "dimension," at face value unless it was a version of the symbiote from somewhere else. Joystiq and other video game blogs have speculated that it could be from the "Ultimate" universe, but there's always a chance Activision (and SM:SD writer Dan Slott) is toying with everyone's emotions and the costume has even more tricks up its slimy sleeves. Fans will find out for sure at Comic-Con.

See the full box art image after the jump.

[Via Joystiq]