Judging from the successes of "Halo," "Mass Effect" and other sci-fi shooters staring armored protagonists battling aliens, the comic book market seems loooong overdue for a "Metroid" series. The always fierce Samus Aran has enjoyed a few notable comic book and manga appearances in the past -- "Adventures of Super Mario Bros." and "Nintendo Power" stories chief among them -- but she certainly deserves an ongoing title of her own, doesn't she, Nintendo licensing department?

While a Samus-starring book might be far off in the future, an absolutely awesome Samus action figure isn't. Dimension Diver is offering a tremendous looking Gravity Suit Samus toy as one of its exclusives for Wonder Festival 2010 later this month, with the figure on sale for roughly $120. Sure, it's more than a little steep for one action figure, but the price tag is worth it if you're into the "Metroid" brand and awesome toys.

Check out the resin kit's stunning components (and adorable configurations) after the jump.