Get ready for Truth, Justice, and the Television Way, because just in time for Superman's latest big screen adventure, Warner Bros. is releasing a pretty massive collection of the Man of Steel's small screen exploits.To coincide with their 90th Anniversary, Warner Bros. will be releasing a 30 disc box set called "The Best of Warner Bros. - Superman TV Collection."

Along with a 24-page collector's book, the set will include Seasons 1 of Smallville, Lois and Clark, and Adventures of Superman, as well as volume 1 of Superman: The Animated Series, the DC Universe animated movie Superman: Doomsday, and select episodes from both the Max Fleischer and Ruby-Spears Superman cartoons.

Here's the complete Superman TV Collection break down.

Smallville Season 1 - 6 discs

Superman Serials - 4 discs

Lois & Clark Season 1 - 6 discs

Superman: The Animated Series Volume 1 - 2 discs

New Adventures of Superman - 2 discs

Adventures of Superman Season 1 - 5 discs

DCU Superman: Doomsday Movie - 1 disc

Max Fleischer's Superman - 2 discs

Ruby-Spears Superman - 2 discs

This set will drop May 7 and is expected to retail for about $99.

[Via SHH]

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