Sometimes, people have to learn their lessons the hard way. Don't touch a hot stove. Mess with the cat and you'll get the claws. Green guys with glowing armor and tubes coming out of their heads can dish out some nasty beatings.

That third lesson is the one Superman learns in the newest clip from Superman: Unbound, the new movie in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies Series. Based on Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's 2008 "Brainiac" arc from Action Comics, the movie prominently features Supergirl, the Bottle City of Kandor and, as you might suspect, Brainiac.

See how The Man of Steel's first meeting with the evil A.I. turns out in the clip after the jump.

White Collar's Matt Bomer stars as Superman in the animated feature, with Fringe's John Noble voicing Brainiac. Stana Katic of Castle and Arkham City will be the voice of Lois Lane, with her Castle co-star Molly Quinn voicing Supergirl.

Superman: Unbound will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand and as a digital download May 7.

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