From Superman vs. The Elite to the recently-released The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Warner Bros. Animation has been making it a priority to translate contemporary DC Comics storylines to the small screen the past few years and its looks like they will be keeping that ball rolling with their next film, Superman Unbound, inspired by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's 2008 Action Comics run. Animated bottled cities, ahoy!This new animated feature is primarily based on the aptly titled "Brainiac" storyline featured in Action Comics #866-870, which saw the Man of Steel face a Silver Age(ish) version of the alien AI over the fate of bottled civilizations and Earth alike. Sadly, the trailer does not seem to include Clark and Pa Kent sharing a moment over some refreshing bottles of beer root beer.

Taking on voice acting duties will be Matt Bomer (White Collar) as Superman, Stana Katic as Lois Lane and Molly Quinn as Supergirl (both from Castle), and of course Walter Bishop himself, John Noble (Fringe) as Brainiac.

The film is expected to be released later this year. Until then, you can check out the new trailer for Superman Unbound below. Be sure to keep your eyes open for when Superman pull his best Will Smith impression.

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