I know that everyone's seen that wedding video where the entire wedding party dances down the aisle and it's magic, and I get the appeal behind coming up with some "creative" idea for doing something "special" on your own wedding day.

But grooms: Please remember to consider your partner when orchestrating elaborate jokes or theatrical interludes, particularly if they involve you dressing up as Superman and having an awkward four-minute grappling fight with General Zod in front of your family and her family and everyone else you know.

This guy did exactly that, with a group of groomsmen who spend the first two-and-a-half minutes channeling the Star Wars Kid until the groom bursts in and pretends to save his bride from the chunky guy in the figure skating outfit while the Superman movie theme plays behind him. The deeply, deeply awkward video is after the jump for your viewing pleasure. (Via Topless Robot)

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