Jeff Lemire's ("Essex County") upcoming "Sweet Tooth" monthly at Vertigo seems to have a simple premise:

"A little boy with Antlers. A big man with guns. A world without hope."

However, anyone who's read Lemire's work understands that it takes more than a few teaser phrases to sum up his comics, especially given their propensity to blur the lines between a harsh reality and an even harsher fantasy.

Vertigo's Graphic Content blog has several new preview pages from the first issue, which is due in stores the first week of September.

The series follows the adventures of Gus - a boy with deer antlers raised in isolation from a world ravaged by a mysterious epidemic. As part of a new generation of human/animal hybrid children immune to the apocalyptic scenario of the past, Gus faces a future he's not necessarily prepared for.

The good news for curious fans? Issue #1 has a cover price of $1, which shouldn't break the bank and may give readers some extra cash to curb their chocolate cravings after viewing Gus' chocolate-covered maw.

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