My love of dinosaurs in general and Tyrannosaurus Rex in paritcular has been pretty well documented here at ComicsAlliance, but I realize that being the king tyrant lizard of the Cretaceous Era isn't all fun. T-Rex's tiny, tiny arms, while undeniably hilarious, also present him with a lot of challenges in this crazy modern world of ours.

Fortunately, someone has finally decided to shine a light on this lesser-known aspect of the greatest dinosaur. In a series of comics called "T-Rex Trying," cartoonist Hugh Murphy has depicted the difficulties of T-Rex trying to tackle everyday tasks, and the result is quite possibly my new favorite thing on the Internet. Check out a few of my favorites after the cut!

One of the things I really like about Murphy's depiction of T-Rex is how darn sympathetic he is, and the sheer number of cartoons that he's done over the past month have given him a can-do spirit. No matter how many times he's thwarted by his size or the tininess of his arms, Murphy's T-Rex never gives up.

That's why it's nice to see that occasionally, he even comes out on top:

I'm not even kidding when I say that for me, this is a thousand times more inspirational than a kitten poster telling me to hang in there.

Murphy has plenty more comics on his site, and he's been updating pretty frequently with new ones -- he's even taking suggestions for new problems for the erstwhile dinosaur on his Twitter feed, so check it out, and get inspired to conquer your own limitations!

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