Comics artist Jeremy Haun is currently running a Kickstarter for a project he calls Dino Day, which the father of two created to engage his sons in the process of creating art. The end product will be a hardcover art book of all of his dinosaur drawings, which range from detailed and serious to loose or humorous.

Haun has drawn for DC, Marvel, Image, Top Cow, and more, and is currently the artist on DC's Constantine and Wolf Moon. He's also a part of the Bad Karma collective. While Dino Day has surpassed its funding goal, the Kickstarter is still running for another six days, so fans can still back the project to help it hit stretch goals like fancier printing and additional t-shirt designs. (Full disclosure: I've backed the project and I worked with Haun once upon a time).




Backers can choose to receive prints, original art, and more. It's clear the Haun gang is fond of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but over the course of a year, Jeremy's drawn many different dinosaurs and almost all of the art features in some reward level, in addition to the book. The description of the Kickstarter reads:


So 48 weeks ago, I decided to do a fun little thing. Well...honestly, it's mostly thanks to my kids. About a year ago, my youngest son, Owen, who's five, asked me to draw him something. He asked me for his favorite current thing--a dinosaur. Both Ethan and Owen really got into it. I got into it. Pretty soon they were asking me to draw dinosaurs for them to color and I got to thinking that I'd love to do this more often. We decided to make a weekly thing of it. And that's how Dino Day came about.



..This project gave me a good way to involve my kids in what I do for a living. I was able to draw with them and for them on a regular basis.


...This project is a compilation of 52 weeks worth of Dino-days into a 7x7 inch hardcover art book. The boys and I have enjoyed doing the art so much, and the response has been so positive, that I wanted to make it into something tangible. Something you, and I, can put on the bookshelf and look at in years to come.



The Kickstarter ends on February 5th, so if this is in your wheelhouse you should head over soon.

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