The Creators Of ECCC 2013 [Photo Gallery]
Where some conventions skew more toward pop culture than comic books, this past weekend's Emerald City Comicon 2013 stocked Seattle with hundreds of prominent creators from every corner of the medium. ComicsAlliance was on hand to catch the faces behind the funnybooks as they met fans, signed comics and worked on commissions...
Interlocking Covers Assemble ‘Avengers’ #1-3 Comics Lineup
Marvel has released three interlocking covers by Dustin Weaver revealing the assembled might of Jonathan Hickman and interior artist Jerome Opeña's Marvel NOW! Avengers team, which will kick off with Avengers #1 in December. The lineup will look pretty familiar to those who have seen the Avengers movie and/or have followed the team through the Bendis Era, although there are some notable additions
Dustin Weaver Works Wonders on Batman, Astro Boy, Galactus and More [Art]
If you've picked up select Star Wars comics from Dark Horse Comics or much of Marvel's latest S.H.I.E.L.D. series, the art of Dustin Weaver has likely already been seared into your consciousness. Just in case you haven't had a chance to sample the work of one of the stalwarts of Portland's Periscope Studio, however, Weaver makes it easy to find his art on both his old site and current blog... Read
Moebius’ ‘Starwatcher’ Redrawn By Brandon Graham And More [Art]
Among the most ubiquitous of Moebius' many, many famous science fiction illustrations is "The Starwatcher," a hypnotically beautiful piece that, in the simplest terms, depicts a pretty girl sitting on a bench. Naturally, the painting by Moebius (aka Jean Giraud) includes much more, like an otherworldly setting, dramatic architecture, sci-fi accoutrements, a mysterious box and a glowing o
Periscope’s Dustin Weaver, Colleen Coover & More Support Japan with Charity Auctions [Art]
Joining the ever-growing legion of creative professionals raising money for disaster relief efforts in Japan is Periscope Studio, whose stellar roster of illustrators have produced brand new work to be auctioned off starting today. Dustin Weaver, Colleen Coover and Ron Chan are just some of the members the Portland, Oregon-based art collective whose original work you can purchase on eBay, with all