Among the most ubiquitous of Moebius' many, many famous science fiction illustrations is "The Starwatcher," a hypnotically beautiful piece that, in the simplest terms, depicts a pretty girl sitting on a bench. Naturally, the painting by Moebius (aka Jean Giraud) includes much more, like an otherworldly setting, dramatic architecture, sci-fi accoutrements, a mysterious box and a glowing object within. Moebius devotee and King City creator Brandon Graham was inspired to recreate the Starwatcher image in his own style, which in turn inspired one of the best redrawing memes we've ever seen.

More work continues to appear on the excellent Moebius art blog Quenched Consciousness, but you can check out a few of our favorite Starwatcher recreations after the cut, including work by Graham, Corey Lewis, Dustin Weaver, Tyler Crook and Moritat.

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