ComicsAlliance Design Meeting: DC’s ‘The New 52′ Logos
DC Comics released this week via Newsarama the logos that will adorn the 52 new #1 issues that constitute the publisher's ambitious line-wide superhero relaunch, which kicks off August 31 with the release of Justice League #1. Along with the redesigned costumes and retooled character concepts that we've discussed at length here at ComicsAlliance, the new logos are an integral component of what DC
Todd Klein’s Logo Studies: Our Favorite Looks at the Art of Lettering
For almost 30 years, Todd Klein has been one of the most prominent letterers and designers in comic books, working on everything from "Legion of Super-Heroes" to "Sandman." He's one of the true craftsmen of one of the most often-overlooked aspects of comics, and while it's not surprising that he devotes a lot of time to discussing lettering and logo design on his website, the d
Supercapes Instill Super Cynicism
I hate to be a buzzkill -- I really do -- but whenever I see a small business appropriate the Superman "S" shield, question marks start to fly around my immediate vicinity like Black Lantern rings at a Gotham City cemetery. It all began with Geoff Johns' enthusiastic Tweet, directing the curious to Supercapes...