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Bizarro Back Issues: Lois Lane And The Deadly Typewriter
Tom Scioli has good taste in comics. That should probably be obvious if you look at the influences that have filtered down through his work on titles like Transformers vs. GI Joe. While most of his favorites might seem pretty obvious, though, there are a couple of others that you wouldn't necessarily know about unless you happened to run into him at a con while he was whiling away some downtime reading through a back issue. Which is exactly what happened to me a few years ago when I saw him reading Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #115. Despite my love of Silver Age Superman Family stories, I'd never read this Bronze Age classic, but when I heard the premise, I knew I had to go find it immediately. Because this is the story where Darkseid tries to kill Lois by giving her a magic typewriter that can predict the future.
The Man of Tomorrow: The Best Superman Fan Art Ever
Superman is the best. The. Best. In every possible way you can take that statement. It’s not up for debate. He’s the first superhero. He’s the greatest superhero. If there can be but one superhero, he’s the only superhero you need or that matters. If you asked a thousand people to draw or describe what a superhero is supposed to look like, the consensus design would undoubtedly most closely resemble Superman. The idea of Superman is so iconic, that even as his look and costume continue to change and evolve over time and be interpreted and re-imagined by countless artists the world over, he somehow still manages to be instantly recognizable as Superman. The amazing and eclectic collection of art I’ve put together here only serves to illustrate my point!
Super Woman: A Celebration of Lois Lane
Lois Lane, who debuted alongside Superman in May 1938's Action Comics #1, wasn't just the first superhero love interest. At her best, Lois serves as proof that people who don't wear spandex and don't have superpowers can be heroes by doing their jobs well. Of course, she has also had superpowers on multiple occasions. Over the last eight decades or so, Lois has done just about everything a comic book character can do. And yet she's never gone stale. Quite the opposite. Lois has proven as adaptable and eternally relevant as any superhero.
Author Tim Hanley Talks About 'investigating Lois Lane'
Lois Lane wasn't designed to be a headliner, but simply a player in Superman's adventures. Over the years, she's evolved to become his rival, foil and competitor, his friend, partner and colleague, and his girlfriend, lover and wife. She's been a damsel in distress, a sidekick, and yes, a hero in her own right. In Investigating Lois Lane, author Tim Hanley traces the character from her inspirations to her appearances in receny comics and adaptations. We talked to Hanley about his new book, what works best for the character, and where he thinks she should go next.
'Investigating Lois Lane' Digs Into Her Story And Storytellers
In the conclusion of comics historian and author Tim Hanley's new book Investigating Lois Lane, he puts the character's nearly 80-year history into stark relief with this line: "Superman is the worst thing to ever happen to Lois Lane." Hanley, whose previous work was 2014's Wonder Woman Unbound, offers a rundown of Lane's many incarnations and appearances in comics and other media since her 1938 debut in Investigating Lois Lane, but he doesn't simply focus on the character's fictional world. He digs into the stories of the real people who shaped the character. It's the stories of the editors, writers, actresses and fans who made Lois who she is that truly bring the book to life.
Super-Who?! The Story Behind DC Rebirth's New Superman Titles
When DC announced its slate for the upcoming Rebirth line of comics, it played a relatively safe hand with its announcements. The line seems to head in the opposite direction of the risk-taking DCYou initiative, with many of the publisher's most interesting books, such as Midnighter, Starfire and Martian Manhunter, no longer on the docket. Yet there are three announced books that seem curiously out of place in their line-up: The Super-Man, Superwoman, and The Super Sons. They're all new titles, but they're also titles and concepts that have a long and rich history in the DC Universe. We’re diving back into DC’s archives to see what clues the past might offer us about the future of these books.
Fantastic Five: Female Supermen
Hello again and welcome to another episode of Fantastic Fives, the show where we tell you the irrefutably correct five answers to a particular topic in comics, and you tell us how wrong we are in the comments! This week we’re looking at the best female Supermen. When Superman started leaping buildings and out-powering locomotives, the age of superheroes was born! And when you’re responsible for the birth of a new genre of entertainment, it stands to reason that people are going to try to take what works about your formula and do their own thing with it.
The 30 Greatest Romantic Couples In Comics
Valentine's Day weekend is upon us, and love, bad chocolate, and expensive restaurant reservations are everywhere you look. To mark the occasion, we've compiled a list of the 30 greatest couples in comics. These are the romantic pairings whose stories inspire us to believe in the power of love, and whose devotion to each other may provide a model for how to woo your own beloved when they're cloned, or possessed by evil forces, or you forget their birthday or whatever.
New Lego Batman V Superman Sets Surprisingly Dropping in Two Weeks
We're just a few months away from one of the biggest superhero movies of 2016, and somehow, we still haven't seen too many toys and collectibles for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We've seen a few figures here and there, but for the most part, all the collectibles and toys coming from the upcoming film have been largely kept under wraps. For some reason though, DC and Warner Brothers thought this week would be a good week to start letting some of those collectibles out in the wild. I mean, it's not like there's anything else happening in the geek world now, so why not sneak a few toys out to see if anyone notices? Thanks to the paragon of comic book and nerd lifestyles, The Wall Street Journal, we have an idea of what Lego's plans for BVS:DOJ now look like. The paper unveiled three new building block sets, all of which will be available beginning on January 1, 2016. That's like two weeks away. Nothing like surprising audiences with new toys just days after the holidays and with little notice.
Which Series Should DC Launch Next?
The comics world is full of questions, from, "Who would win in a fight?" to, "Who came up with that weird idea?" to, "Why is Aquaman?" Here at ComicsAlliance, we spend a lot of time thinking about everything from the big questions that matter a whole lot to the small ones that probably don't matter at all, but are kinda fascinating. With this new recurring feature, The Question, we're going to give our writers the opportunity to answer some of these brain-ticklers, because if we're thinking about this stuff anyway, we might as well write it down. For today's question, we asked our writers; Which comics should DC Comics launch after Convergence? DC's latest mega-event is finally behind us, and the publisher has already unveiled a more diverse slate of new titles, but there are still some obvious holes in the line. Given the way the audience is changing, our writers had plenty of ideas for books not currently being published that DC could and should introduce.

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