Good Versus Evil in the Superhero Comic Color Palette [Infographic]
When it comes to superhero comics, color is a bigger deal than you might think. As great as black and white stories are, the psychology of color is an important storytelling tool. Some characters and titles even rely on it explicitly. Just imagine trying to understand Geoff Johns' multiple Green Lantern arcs if the color corps he's introduced over the past few years lacked distinct hues... Read Mo
Captain America Lends ‘A Little Help’ to Raise Suicide Prevention Awareness
"Captain America: A Little Help," is now free to download via the Marvel Comics App for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The all-new story, which is also featured in this week's I Am An Avenger #5, was written by Dr. Tim Ursiny, PH.D., CBC, RCC and illustrated by Nick Dragotta to raise awareness of suicide prevention and to direct those in need to the National Suicide Prevention Lifelin
Marvel Comics Announces Their Move to a More Luxurious Locale
Despite increasingly heightened rumors about a DC Comics move to Los Angeles, Marvel Comics just became the first of the Big Two comics companies to announce that they're moving... to 135 West 50th Street, better known as the Sports Illustrated Building, a 60,000-square foot space a few miles away from their current location in New York City...

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