He-Man’s PSAs Teach You Useful Life Lessons in the Weirdest Possible Ways
Whether it's "Sailor Moon Says" or "Knowing is Half the Battle," I am a guy who loves the public service announcements that used to run at the end of cartoons. In fact, one of the only things I don't like about Jem is that they only ever did four or five little segments that taught you how doing the right thing could make you a superstar...
Nine Morphenomenal Power Rangers Episodes to Watch This Halloween
It's almost Halloween and that means three things are on everyone's mind, costumes, monsters and monster costumes. You could spend your entertainment hours trying to get your fill of all that jazz through conventional methods, but I propose the more efficient alternative of living vicariously through The Power Rangers -- or as I like to call them, mankind's single greatest collective contribution
Parting Shot: Hilarious Safe Sex PSA Comics from MTV Switzerland
When discussing sex, people often say it "just happens" or even "happens accidentally," despite the fact that it is really a long series of conscious decisions, not some sort of erotic anvil that falls on your head. As the poet Eminem once questioned derisively, "What, she tripped, fell, and landed on his d*ck...
Spider-Man’s Public Service Announcement Comics Are Being Collected In Paperback. Really.
All right. Guys. I need you to stop whatever it is that you're doing right now, because this week, Marvel has announced the single most important trade paperback collection of all time. It might take a little doing to see it, but if you look way, way down the list of December's collected editions from Marvel, it's there: A 456-page collection of Spider-Man Public Service Announcement comics, whic