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Philip Tan Joins 'The Hellblazer' As New Artist In February
DC Rebirth's current John Constantine-starring ongoing The Hellblazer has seen the series try to recapture its Vertigo roots by bringing John back to England, and grounding the series in the grey drudgery that is London. This February, John Constantine goes European for a new arc titled "The Smokeless Fire," and DC has enlisted Philip Tan as The Hellblazer's new ongoing artist.
DC Covers January's 'Flash', 'Hellblazer' And 'Batgirl'
In January, DC Rebirth will have officially passed its six-month milestone, but it shows no sign of slowing down. Ahead of the full solicitation release next week, DC has provided us with a first look at the covers and solicitations for Joshua Williamson & Carmine Di Giadomenico's The Flash #14, Simon Oliver & Pia Guerra's The Hellblazer #6 and Hope Larson and Christian Wildgoose's Batgirl #7.
Swamp Thing Is Heartbroken In 'Hellblazer' #2 [Exclusive]
It's like the late '80s all over again: John Constantine and Swamp Thing are lurking in the dark corner of the DC Universe, rather than a walled-off Vertigo, and the two of them are all wrapped up in each other's lives. That's where we find ourselves in The Hellblazer #2, written by Simon Oliver with art by Moritat.
DC Rebirth: All The Teams and Announcements From WonderCon
DC Comics hosted a special livestream event at WonderCon in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon to unveil the creative teams behind its DC Rebirth event, which relaunches the entire DC Universe line with new issue #1s and multiple double-shipping titles. The relaunch will set the future course of DC Comics at a time when fans are wondering whether the company will embrace a new and diversifying audience or double down on serving a shrinking core audience. The event was introduced by DC All Access host Tiffany Smith, with DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio and chief creative officer and Rebirth chief architect Geoff Johns introducing and interviewing the creative teams as they joined them on stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center.