DC Rebirth's current John Constantine-starring ongoing The Hellblazer has seen the series try to recapture its Vertigo roots by bringing John back to England, and grounding the series in the grey drudgery that is London. This February, John Constantine goes European for a new arc titled "The Smokeless Fire," and DC has enlisted Philip Tan as The Hellblazer's new ongoing artist.

Tan joins regular writer Simon Oliver and takes the place of current artist Moritat, following an arc that saw Constantine teaming up with Swamp Thing to locate the missing Abigail Arcane. In February's new story, the search takes them to Paris and beyond as they hear rumours that the old power known as The Djinn may be responsible for her disappearance.

While Moritat's art on the first arc had the personal and intimate street-level approach familiar to fans of Vertigo's original Hellblazer run, Philip Tan --- coming straight off Suicide Squad with Jim Lee --- brings a more traditionally superhero approach with his work, so it'll be interesting to see how the title transitions between the two styles.

In a statement released by DC, Simon Oliver said:

"After a successful, record-breaking reboot, the irrepressible Moritat will be moving on and the pencil and ink duties will be passing into the capable and diligent hands of the one and only Philip Tan. As the book progresses onwards and upwards, strap yourself in and be prepared to be excited, thrilled and all-around awed by Tan’s work"

Tan joins The Hellblazer with February's #7, while Moritat leaves the title next week with The Hellblazer #4. Y: The Last Man's Pia Guerra will provide art for the two issues in between.

Check out some preview pages from The Hellblazer #7:


Philip Tan. Image credits: DC Comics.


Philip Tan


Philip Tan


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